Dr. Thomas Planzos, an alumnus of the University of Pennsylvania, has been offering the highest quality of general and cosmetic dentistry for over 30 years. Dr. Planzos’ three dentist daughters have joined him and practice alongside him at their Bay Ridge dental office. After also receiving their dental degrees from the prestigious University of Pennsylvania, Drs. Lea, Penny, and Melena Planzos each went on to pursue a different three-year post-doctoral specialty program at Columbia University, obtaining Master of Science degrees in Periodontics, Prosthodontics, and Orthodontics, respectively.

All being trained at the highest level at the same universities, the Planzos doctors share the same treatment philosophy. Consultations are done with all the treating specialists, which allows for instant communication and seamless collaboration. This eliminates weeks of waiting time and ensures that all team members share the same vision: providing optimal treatment outcomes along with a pleasant, secure, and positive experience for the patient.

Dr. Planzos takes pride in his practice and has continued to invest in the most innovative technology. Procedures that often took multiple weeks to complete can be done quickly, efficiently, and more predictably using sophisticated technology such as digital scanners, 3D x-rays, lasers, and milling machines. Taking a 3D CBCT scan allows the surgeon to plan implant placement and diagnose accurately. Three different types of intraoral scanners allow impression making for crowns, implants, bridges, orthodontics, and other appliances, without the need for impression material, which often causes discomfort, gagging, and a mess. Lasers, when indicated, allow for treatment of gum disease, disinfection of implants, and correction of discoloration of the gums without the need for invasive surgery and stitches. Crowns can be milled in-office for a one-day visit, instead of needing multiple visits and a 2-week lab turnaround time.

Dr. Thomas Planzos has made community involvement and teaching a priority. For well over a decade, he has volunteered his time every Friday to co-direct New York University’s Full Mouth Rehabilitation CE course. Throughout the years, he has been an invited speaker to many venues, including the Bay Ridge Dental Society, an organization that he served as past President. Many young neighborhood individuals were first inspired by Dr. Planzos’ enthusiasm and positive attitude towards the profession. After being invited to spend time shadowing him at the office, most have decided to pursue a career in dentistry.

The Planzos family was all born and raised in the Bay Ridge community. Although all three daughters left Brooklyn to pursue their passions in dentistry, they have happily returned to their hometown to live, work, and start their own families. Their pride in the community has drawn them back to continue their father’s legacy and create a second generation, true multidisciplinary dental practice that continues to grow.

Together, the Planzos dentists have been helping and improving lives and smiles as both mentors to colleagues and compassionate doctors to their patients. The success of the practice has grown solely due to the loyalty and trust of patients who have referred friends and family by word of mouth. Knowledge of their discipline and their passion for their work is contagious, and this is why they have been treating generations of families for so many years. As they continue to grow the practice and nurture relationships within the community, Drs. Planzos are slowly bringing highly qualified dentists and staff into their dental family. Their dream team has been 33 years in the making and they are so excited for what the future holds, not only for their practice, but for dentistry as a whole!

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