Dental Technology

Dr. Planzos takes pride in his practice and has continued to invest in the most innovative technology. Procedures that often took multiple weeks to complete are able to be performed quickly, efficiently, and more predictably using sophisticated technology such as digital impressions, digital x-rays, one visit CAD/CAM crown fabrication, improved diagnostics with 3D imaging (CBCT machine on site), laser dentistry, LANAP® and LAPIP® periodontal laser surgery, computer-guided implant surgery, Invisalign® as well as Zoom!, KöR, and GLO™ Whitening systems.


Sirona Orthophos SL 3D CBCT, Panoramic, and Cephalometric Xrays

3D CBCT scan allows the surgeon to plan implant placement and view thin slices of your jaws in 3-dimensions to diagnose accurately. The Panoramic and Cephalometric components allow the ability to assess health of the roots of the teeth and to diagnose growth, jaw, and skeletal problems, particularly pertinent to Orthodontic treatment planning.

Cerec omni


Cerec Omnicam® scanner and milling machine allow us to take digital impressions of your teeth and mill and insert a crown/inlay/onlay for you, in our office, on the same day. This eliminates the need for a temporary or a second appointment!!


3Shape TRIOS® 3 Pod – Pen

We use this digital, intraoral scanner to replace traditional impressions and send the information to any dental laboratory in the world, within seconds, in order to create beautiful, custom restorations for you!


ITERO Element® Scanner

For orthodontic treatment with Invisalign® and other clear aligners, an intraoral digital scan of your teeth can be taken without the need for messy impressions and helps to deliver the best fitting orthodontic appliances. Our iTero® Scanner offers a simulated outcome for patients so that in just minutes, you will be able to see what the effect of your orthodontic treatment will look like– before you even decide to start! You can even use this scanner to track the degree of wear on your teeth (if you grind your teeth), as well as any progression of gum recession, over the years.


Periolase MVP-7® Laser

The Periolase MVP-7® laser allows for the treatment of gum disease, disinfection of implants, and removal of unsightly discoloration on the gingiva without the need for invasive surgery and stitches. This particular laser is sold by one company and requires that clinicians undergo multiple hands-on training sessions in order to provide their patented LANAP® and LAPIP® protocols to patients. This is the only FDA approved laser for regeneration of bone!


Biolase Waterlase® Laser

This laser can be used to cut gums, bone, and teeth with ease and improves the patient’s, as well as the dentist’s, experience. Using laser energy and water spray, Waterlase can perform many procedures, including many cavity preparations, without the need for an injection or a drill.



DEXIS CariVu™ is a compact, portable caries detection device that uses patented transillumination technology to support the identification of cavities and cracks on teeth and in between teeth that may not be apparent on digital x-rays. DEXIS CariVu™ uses non-ionizing radiation which is ideal for children, pregnant women and patients who are X-ray averse (although, it is important to note that it is not a replacement for traditional digital x-rays, when it is possible to take them!).



The laser fluorescence detector within the DIAGNOdent pen is a precise method for identifying cavities on the visible surfaces of teeth that may not appear in digital x-rays. There is no radiation used, which is ideal for children, pregnant women, and patients who refuse x-rays (although, it is important to note that it is not a replacement for traditional digital x-rays, when it is possible to take them!).


Carestream CS-1500 Intraoral Camera

Intraoral cameras allow patients to visualize their tooth or dental issue(s) immediately on a high definition computer screen.



SOPROCARE is an intraoral camera which helps patients to visualize cavities, inflammation of the gums, as well as new and old dental plaque accumulations (in a bright red color) on a computer screen.

These state of the art in-office whitening systems, when indicated, will help you achieve the brighter smile that you’ve always wanted!